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  • Wedding Decorations – Why Are They Important? Decorations are important to make others feel that they have just entered in to the celebration zone! But, decorations must be done according to the occasion. Weddings are traditional occasions and Indian wedding celebrations have typical traditional decorations – Flowers, glitters and all. Add soRead More..

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  • Sitting Arrangements – How It Should Be! Indian weddings are one of the most traditional and ethical weddings across the world. Everyone wants to serve their guests with the best arrangements, but when it comes to the sitting arrangements, mostly there is a contradiction. Proper sitting arrangement is must to ensure the satisfaction of youRead More..

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  • How To Plan Your Budget For Arrangements Of A Celebration Money is the foremost element of everything you do to greet your guests! In order to allow our clients to select arrangements and themes as per their budget, we have different packages! However, before deciding any of them, ensure the number of guests that you are inviting in your party. No package Read More..